How to download the Hackeo app on your smartphone

Before starting the game, make sure you have downloaded the Hackeo app on your smartphone. You can download it directly from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).
If you are in Germany and using an Apple device: please use this link to download the app instead of searching with app name in the store (

You can also scan the QR code below:

App Store

Play Store

Watch this 45-second video about how to use the app.

How to play the daily challenges 

Connect with your teammates.

All team members launch the Hackeo application on their smartphones, previously downloaded from a store.

1. Click on the event 'Collock démo'
2. Enter your info :

  • Your team number, it is very important to write 'team' + number. For example: team 14
  • Your professional email address (you will not receive spam)
  • Tick the first checkbox

3. Enter the code for today's challenge. For example for demo: CollockChallenge2020
4. Click on 'Passer à la suite' when everyone is ready. 
5. The timer starts! You'll have up to 40 minutes for the whole one-week game to solve the 6 daily challenges.
6. Do not forget to scan the final marker once you have finished the daily challenge: it will stop the timer until you start the next day's challenge.




The faster you succeed the challenge, the more points you earn. However, be careful with wrong answers which will make you lose points. For the final score, it is very important that each team member validates the answers on their smartphone. 


When the time is up, you can still continue the game but you will not be able to earn points anymore.

Final marker

The marker “End of day” can only be scanned when you have finished the challenge. You have to scan it to stop the timer and earn points! 


You can zoom in the images in the email to look for clues or to better scan the marker.
You can use a calculator, the internet but the most important is to communicate with your teammates!